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May. 26th, 2009

Blue V


V Cosplay tunic

Found this in my wanderings:

V for Vendetta Cosplay Suede Jacket

The item description says:

Made by black polyester micro suede, full lined.
Including: solid black jacket, full lined, V shape bottom, stand up collar

CAVEAT: I know nothing about this company. Anyone? Anyone???

Sep. 16th, 2008

Red V


Film replica daggers

I just found these on Amazon.com. They say there are only a few left in stock, but that may only be "in stock" at their Amazon storefront. The price is $20 each +SH.


(The description states that the blade is made of steel, so I would not recommend wearing this in public!)

Apr. 30th, 2008

What Would V Do? (deux)


High-quality wearable V masks


I'm new to this group (having only recently remembered its existence *blush*) but I hope I can make up for that slip with this link:

Ebay user sattlerjm sells high-quality replica masks. They are specifically designed for looks and to be worn. Their buy-it-now price is $125, but I can honestly say, after having purchased one myself, that it's well worth it. :)

Jan. 5th, 2008



Valet Stand - Aust and UK

Those with an inquisitive eye might have spotted a curious piece of furniture in V's make Up Room (lower left):

The item is a valet stand, and is a vital part of any refined gentleman's furniture.
Or "was" rather. Not an item well known today I fear, due to the changes of fashion and tastes.
Having lost the chance to acquire one not long ago, I set out to find a local retailer.
hard to find these. Fortunately there is a retailer here (in QLD, Australia):


Not sure if they deliver, which would be a great pity. So near and yet so far

Here is a different retailer, for those who live in the United Kingdom:

And an image of their item:

The finish of this one appears a lot darker, but it could just be the photo lighting.
Neither is overtly priced, so it would be a nice little addition, for all those who intend to add Shadow Gallery "accurate" items.

Sep. 27th, 2007



Topper to Top all!

A marvellous, trully beautiful VfV hat for sale on Ebay.
Pricy, no doubt about it, but oh so very desireable:


Definitely NOT a costume piece and immensely better than the "official" item.
Its a work of millinery art.

May. 16th, 2007


V gets a Second Life

While wandering round SL i came across a full V av for L$2000 I can't afford it right now but I may buy itin the future :D

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

May. 14th, 2007



Teapots and Roses (and Daggers too)

My word but it has been some time since last I posted here.
Updating this post instead, so as not to take up unnecessary space.
A few of my pretties:

* A lovely white teapot, very similar to the one in the film.


* Violet Carsons. Yes, they do exist.
Alas, no pics yet. Its terribly chilly outside, so the bud has not flowered at all. Oh well. Must wait for Spring I suppose

* A replica dagger. Still smiling ear to ear over this one.
Its not a toy replica but a sharp version, fighting fit. So delicious!


The dagger is much longer than this. It looks smaller due to the angle, since I wanted all of it in one shot.

Apr. 28th, 2007



It's been so long...

..so I thought I'd add a few recent finds in my on-going search for various V costume items.

First are the gloves!
There are many kinds of black leather gauntlet gloves that could serve the purpose well enough, but as I've said before, I'm a stickler for details.
Unfortunately almost all the gloves I had found had combinations of the two signature things that make V's gloves unique. They would all have the right gauntlets but the glove portion just wasn't right, or vice versa.
Then I found these on Ebay:


The stitching is almost exactly like the kind on V's gloves, specifically on the fingers and backs of the hands. The gauntlets can be added if you or someone you know is talented with needle and thread (sewing machine preferably) since V's were also seamed on at the wrist out of a thicker leather. Judging from the ones I bought, the gauntlets should attach at the point where the slit in the glove's wrist begins, so you'd actually be getting rid of some excess length on the gloves themselves...if that makes sense.
V's gauntlets:
Seller's store (with a narrowed list of the above glove style. They have a lot more stuff)
Seller's Store

Then, there's the buckle.


This gent in the UK is a wicked machinist, and produces some of the best replicas I've ever seen! Including a few sonic screwdrivers for all you Dr. Who fans out there.
The one he makes is a smidgen different, but not enough to really be that noticeable:


He doesn't have much in his store at the moment, but check back often. It's usually stocked with a few V buckles and a ton of other items:
Replica Buckle

Happy Hunting!

Mar. 28th, 2007



My rapier, hoorah!

Just thought I'd share images of my newly acquired rapier.
Ah, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.



Not exactly as in the film, since its to the instructor's specifications as a beginner's weapon (rapier style blade with sabre modifications), but its nicely balanced. It might not look like it but I spent some time polishing it.

fair price for this one, One hundred and twenty dollars (Australian).
Thinking about building a collection.
I will acquire one like the film version later this year, once I'm somewhat competent, but for the meantime this will suffice.

En Garde!

Feb. 24th, 2007



Nice little toys. En Garde!

Rapiers! From the most economical:


Be warned though, I believe this is only a 'display piece', so no horseplay I fear.

However, there is a little, lovely deluxe item. I believe I have featured this before but no matter, here it is again:


Battleworthy to a point.

And for the true connoiseur:


No toy this one, a true weapon, English as well.

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